We are here to provide the essential support you need to kickstart your new commercial venture. Whether you aim to conduct energy certifications for properties, enhance the energy efficiency of your facilities and processes, or secure improved energy supply conditions, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise and commitment to delivering tailored solutions will help you achieve your energy-related goals with confidence. Let’s embark on this journey together!



Opening and activity licenses

Administrative procedure to start and develop an economic activity in a commercial premises.

Energy certifications

Official document written by a competent technician certifying the energy status of a property.

Energy audits

We offer energy use and consumption inspections and analysis for sites, buildings, systems, and organizations.

Renewable energy engineering

Our expertise lies in the design and management of renewable energy generation facilities.

Automation engineering

We specialize in creating automated building systems for security, well-being, and energy savings.

Energy management

Consumption study and advice on electricity and gas rates.

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