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Due to the ongoing energy transition, we’ve noticed that many people are unaware of the substantial savings and community benefits that investing in energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy can bring.

The process of transitioning to sustainable energy solutions can be complex due to its multifaceted nature, especially involving technical and administrative aspects.

We thoroughly analyze, guide, and provide tailored solutions for each situation, backed by estimated calculations and results that have a significant positive impact on your finances, your environment, and our planet.

Sol-uciones Energía Spain is officially registered with the Department of Industry of the Valencian Community as a low-voltage installation company specializing in power generation installations. We hold the necessary authorization to process installation certificates, technical design reports, and projects for the registration of electrical installations.

Our engineering team is fully insured with civil liability coverage of €900,000 and is also registered with the College of Industrial Technical Engineers, allowing us to approve projects.

As proud members of ASELEC, the Association of Electrical, Telecommunications, and Renewable Energy Installation Companies of Valencia, and a part of FEMEVAL, the Valencian Metallurgical Business Federation, we ensure the quality of our work. This is further guaranteed by the technical and legal guidance and ongoing training provided by these respected associations.

Our core values define us: H.A.C.E.



We strengthen loyalty and honesty as the basis for having longer-lasting and more satisfactory business relationships.


We have the ability to respond flexibly to the changes that occur in our environment and we adapt easily to new realities for the benefit of each client.


We optimize processes and carry out committed projects from start to finish hand in hand with our clients, to maintain our high quality standards.


We generate bonds based on respect and trust with our clients to be more assertive.

We are with you every step!

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